The Detriment of a wrong choice of course in the University

The choices one makes in life is a great determining factor to make or mar any body, for the choice of courses in the university, once you have made a negative choice it will affect you for the rest of your academic pursuit. for you not to make some negative choices you should be careful and seek professional advice so as to guide you to make a better choice that you will not regret later.

                                      The Detriment of a wrong choice of course in the University

Long, long ago it is often said that the choices we make in life may make us or mar us, this statement is greatly adequate to say the least. From the foregoing, in life one is responsible for his choice/actions he or she has made. It is very pertinent to note the fact that when it comes to choice making some folks find it very difficult to make. I have come to the realisation that most student while they are at college level they tend to say that I will be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, banker, accountant, administrator, pilot, newscaster to mention but a few, meanwhile, they don’t even know what it entails, all they want is just that. This to a great extent can be an impediment to the student as the case may be.

Strongly speaking let get to know what choice is all about, according to Wikipedia choice involves decision making. It can include judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. One can make a choice between imagined options (what would I do if….?) or between real options followed by the corresponding action. The arrival at a choice can include more complex motivators such as instinct, feeling and cognition. There are points where choices are made it may be very hard to change or better still may not be changed at all because such decision are made with no proper findings and research.

However, choice of course we make in the cause of study is magnitude to a life saver, like I said above the choices we make can make or destroy us, I can’t imagine someone somewhere come and tells me hey man you have got to study medicine when am not a science major and don’t even like to set my eyes on blood of any kind, I will fail in all ramifications. Hence, wrong choice encouraged by someone for me to do, imagine I finally get admitted into medical school I have made a tremendous mistake, but wait a minute have you had a second thought about why some folks drop out, It may not just be financial implications but wrong choice made while processing admission.

The reasons in which people make wrong choice of courses in the university varies from dives opinions and backgrounds, I will go further to categorise this factors that militate bad and wrong choices of courses in the university.

ü  Lack of initiative: so, let us just say that somebody asked you about something along the line of, who won the last premier league cup? You would obviously know the team that won the cup and probably processed to get into a footy argument. What would happen if I walked up to you and asked you what is the most in-demand skills were in the job market in 2018? Would you know? Would you bother to check?

Student with no initiative tend to do no research and end up joining  just about any course, and only come around to regret it when is too late.

ü  Pleasing your parents: in simple terms parents are the people we are likely to look up to in the things we do a couple of times in our existence as human beings. And most times we want to please them and make them happy, sometimes a student ends up enrolling in a course to please them. Perhaps they encouraged you to pursue it, but you, out of fear and trembling of disappointing them, just went along with it. You must have to realise that as much as you what to respect their advice, its equally pertinent to make your own decisions. Am not saying you will disregard what they have said but rather take their advice into proper concern. Taking a view point from the Nigerian context, I have come across parents who says to their children if you don’t study medicine, law, pharmacy, accountancy, engineering I will not sponsor your education and what not. Some parents even go up to the point that it’s a must because may be one of the parent is a doctor and the child what to do something different to what the parent want, thus, making the child or student to dabble into what he/she can’t carry do to the ability of the person involved, this however has caused a lot of problem for students.

ü  Peer pressure/friends: back then in school there is what is called tight knit group of friends, it breaks your heart how most of them are doing a certain course you don’t like. May be you have a very good friend you have been studying with and to a great extent you don’t even know his ability and he goes to study medicine and you say I will beat you to it I can do better than he can, then you enter into the department of basic medicine and you can’t even do well it then become a problem.  I seriously wonder the reason behind your rational reasoning, it’s very wrong for anybody to state the obvious. Why will you even thing if you don’t do same course with that your sweet friend you will not still be friends again in this life, while it is very important for you to remember again that, once again, it’s you choice to choose what’s best for you. Perhaps you’ll still make new friends. But it is very important to make your own decisions to burst the bubble you’ve been living with and inhale fresh, and sometimes harsh air of the real world.

ü  Lack of information: the main reason student choose the wrong course? It is a known fact that with information so easily accessible, there is a wealth of information that isn’t accurate, and this leads to an influx of misinformed students, who have no idea what they’re  in for due to them purely relying on information they read. As it’s often said that information is power most people don’t recognise this power.

In conclusion, I what to state clearly here, that once one make a bad choice in the course of study in the university it’s hard for the person to get back on track . Knowledge they say is power, for you to get power you need knowledge, in other words knowledge and power work hand in hand, for academic success to prevail, students should be allowed to make their own choices so as not to fail, because whether we like it or not your first degree is a stepping stone to a better future.