Grading in our modern educational system should be a thing that we should work with because, when you tell a student his/her academic performance whether they like it or not, one is happy if he performed well, on the other hand the poorly performed student will agree otherwise. for a better performance one must work extremely hard to get a better grade that will motivate the student to even work harder.


Dose the grading system in our modern educational system provide us with accurate Polaroid of the performance of a student? Or they are anxiety producing scores that prevent lecturers from focusing on genuine learning processes.

In some part of the world today grading has become a metamorphosis for success of students for excellence, for us not to be confused about the statement above, grading is a factor that will determine how far a student has gone with learning for a particular study. Imagine that while in school we just go to the class room and the lecturer/teacher just talk and talk then leaves the class room without test of knowledge and how far you are doing on the particular course, am of the opinion that giving grades does build a strong work ethic and a sense of personal responsibility and support competency.

Furthermore, I am on the know that grades are not the measure of a person nor are they even sole measure of academic accomplishment. They are rather imperfect reflection of how much you have learned in your course, however, the statement above should not deter us from using the grading system in our modern educational system. I will take my time to explain some factors that make grading very important in our modern educational system, and they are as follows.

ü  Good grades boost a student’s confidence/morale: it very crucial to state that a student is motivated by his level of academic performance in school, a student that is doing well will be happy with the outcome of good grade, at the end of a particular semester he goes to the notice board or on the school website and finds out that he did well in his exams he/she level of confidence and morale will be boosted for achieving that heights and more can be achieved.

ü   Good grades open doors for scholarships: grades is a factor that schools will consider before you are awarded scholarship, in other words your grades must be outstanding for you to get access to any scholarship scheme in any part of the world, there are blue chip companies that offer scholarships to students for further studies, before that is done your grade is a prerequisite for such to come to being.

ü  Employees care about Good: all the blue chip companies we yearn to work for in the world today recognize good grades, none of them will employ a student with poor grades to work for them, companies like shell Nigeria, mobile oil, seplat petroleum Development Company limited, to mention but a few employ people based on a good grade.

ü  Good grades open door to best schools in the world: good grades is a pedestrian to a door of the best ivy schools in the world, when you have good grades and can defend them major schools in the world will open their doors to you to have access to good education.

On a final note, as far as am concerned grading system should be encouraged in all section of life, some folks will say that exam is not the true test of knowledge, but it can at least measure academic performance of students, whether malpractice is allowed or not. Grading system should be allowed to flow seamlessly in our modern educational system because when this is taken off, most learners will be non-nonchalant to their academic pursuits. At studylocal Nigeria we are advocates of grading system, this is because we believe in grading student to access their academic prowess. We still need grading system in our modern educational system.