The role of Discipline in educational system

Discipline is a serious matter in our educational system today, a well discipline student is a well performing student, any student who is discipline will always do well in his or her academic pursuits and in the work place as well.

Education is the beauty of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, beliefs, values, and habits that will help a person become better. However, Education means to draw out what is possible from within the student; discipline has a confused etymology, yet clearly means the opposite: to follow the instructions of another. The imposition of order through control is doomed to failure, most often producing rebellion. Education fosters self-discipline, the only effective basis for lasting and harmonious social relations. For a student to have a better success in his/her academics it simply means therefore, that such a person must have initiatives to have the consciousness of the right way to go, discipline is a major factor for success in academics. When you see a student who is well disciplined his performance   shows itself from the result, it’s only a disciplined student that has test or better still exams and chooses to read instead of going for a party with his/her friends, discipline helps a student to have priorities.

Often times instructors has this frustration of trying to manage an unruly student who is very much careless of what happens to his grade as a result of lack of discipline.  It is very correct to simply say that the act of discipline is a treasure that can’t be played with, a disciplined student is an upright person that will succeed.

It is very crucial for lecturers to step back and look at the bigger picture. Most student are good and come to school wanting to be better and learn. There are few students who will test a lecturers just to see what the limits are. It is imminent that a good discipline system and parental involvement will take care of this challenge. The very four most important set of people in the class room discipline include the parents, teachers, student and administrators.

However, discipline on the other hand is the quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled way which involves obeying particular rules or standard. I still stand on my first stance that our educational system to work out fine it simply means that a proper discipline mechanism must be put in check for all and sundry, discipline should not just be a talkative statement from student, administrators, parents and teachers should have a tentative statement of discipline that will help all that is involved. The importance of discipline in our educational system cannot be undermined, because when discipline is our primary words it means that we are making ahead way. Now let us examine some good factors for improving discipline in our educational system.

ü  Have rules that are fair and can cover all types of courses but be sure that any set of rules and regulations includes that all the students will follow the lay down provisions

ü  Enforce rules fairly and consistently that will enable all to have a work target, I still maintain that disciple will checkmate all.

ü  The lecturer should be in charge, be at alert and observant always maintain eye contact with student, believe it or not you can walk with your eyes on the student to maintain a balanced discipline strategy on the student.

ü  Keep students busy and involved. Students get bored when they have to do the same thing for long or if they are required to do the same things over and over. The greater the variety of activities, the better. Make learning fun. Involve students with hands-on activities.

ü  Work at discipline as hard as you work at teaching. Teaching good discipline is just as important as teaching the subject matter. In addition, poor discipline in your classroom can ruin your day, your job, and even your career.

The role of discipline in our educational system is very essential to both the student, parents, and administrators because this stakeholders are responsible for the success of progress in our system. The role this stakeholder take in the discipline is very paramount for attainment of success, when the