verification of degree certificates should not be overlooked in today's world .

Academic degree certificate verification should be a major concern for employers. Most employees exaggerate their educational qualification and come up with very impressive credentials they do not have and also claim certifications from non-existing institutions or even unaccredited institutions locally and internationally in other to get jobs they do not qualify for. This act had therefore called for Degree verification process.

Academic degree is a qualification awarded to students upon successful completion of a course of study in a higher education, which could be at college or university. It could be in Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral degrees.

Degree verification is the process used to confirm whether or not a candidate has earned the Degree certificate claimed, hereby highlighting a candidate’s qualifications and revealing important information about the individual’s honesty and integrity.

Each year thousands of applicants fabricate their education history and falsify or exaggerate their education degrees in variety of ways. The main reason for education verification is to validate the academic records of applicants and employees claiming to have academic records and certifications from certain institutions. These days, is it quite easy for employees and applicants to purchase fake degrees from unaccredited institutions. It is also important to verify an applicants or employees educational institution, because there are many institutions who claim accreditation from an independent agency whose standards and curriculum are not equal with the legally established institutions.

A great number of applicants and employees obtain their academic degrees and certifications from institutions abroad and across the globe, hence a great advantage for companies and organizations to carry out academic verification.

Academic verification prior to the employment or admission of an applicant saves cost and avoids the risk of a bad hire. This could also serve as a way of choosing qualified applicants during hiring.

Degree verification also aids to eliminate employees with forged degree certificates so as not to jeopardize the reputation of the company, institution or organization due to lack of skills portrayed by an Employee.

There are consequences on the employer and on an organization which fails to verify degree certificates of employees hired which includes loss of time and resources to recruit another set of applicants that fits into the available positions also decrease in overall productivity of lack of skills and incapability.


Emily Eluan Alagoa

15th feb, 2019.