schooling online is another way aside from learning in a traditional classroom to reach your education goal without sacrificing work, family obligations and more.

Online school, otherwise called virtual school or e-school, is an academic process where students are basically taught online or over the internet. Online school leverages on digital technology to deliver instructions to students who do not share the same physical space with the instructor during learning. Here students who are eager to pursue vocational careers, but don’t have the time to sit in a traditional classroom are still able to reach their goals because they can still reach their desired education without sacrificing work, family obligations and more.

One may think academic certification gotten from an online institution cannot be measured to the ones gotten from a tradition classroom but online courses generally have the same learning outcomes as their traditional classroom based counterpart .There are good accredited online school and before enrolling in a program from an online school, the student should be sure to verify that the institution itself is accredited and has no outstanding issues such as unrecognized certificates issues .the student should also investigate whether the program is accredited by the appropriate professional body that accredits or licenses  their choses academic program to make sure that the program is in good standing.

In this 21st century, a plethora of institutions take advantage of digital technology to achieve set goals. Most academic institutions like various other organizations, share their prospectus online even as personal online profiles are created for their students.

Online schooling has had a positive effect on the society because more persons have been able to have access to education and academic certificates, be it Degree or diploma. For example a student of an American institution may not necessarily be resident in the U.S, but would have access to virtually all learning tools as one taking physical classes in the institution. Hence, distance and visa processing are boycotted by the availability of online schools.

While advantages of online schooling are numerous, especially as it affects Society, there are yet other negative effects. Since virtually all the learning and testing are done online, the institution may not be able to identify the student beyond the data captured. Hence, it is possible for a mercenary to help someone pass through the process with ease, except where test are done via webcam or video call. The holder of the certificate then who did not partake in the learning process, is qualified [by way of certificate] to take jobs for their qualification, leading to low productivity, and loss on the part of the employers.

 Also, there is the social part which online students miss out on, while certificate is important, certain networking  necessary for progress are best gotten from interaction with colleagues, except maybe the institution has an online networking platform where students meet.


Emily Eluan Alagoa