In recent times, degree certificates obtained abroad is considered more superior but How true could this be?

Hiring an unqualified employee can threaten your Organization’s reputation and security. This can cost you your business and expose the business to risks.

What you do not know about your employee can also cost you a great loss as an employer. Hiring an unqualified employee also hinders the ability of the Organization to reach their target goals.

Foreign degree verification helps confirm whether the applicant has the training needed to succeed in a Job and provide an important element for the defense against negligent hiring.

In recent times there are a great number of false, fake and exaggerated educational claims in which foreign degree certificates are not left out. In Nigeria Today, it is obvious that foreign degrees are considered as more superior to degrees obtained in Nigeria and this does not make them authentic and the foreign degree awarding institution authorized. Some applicants forge their educational qualifications and if these degree certificates are not verified and the applicants get hired to an organization they become unproductive and put the organization at the risk of not growing.

In ETX-NG, our foreign degree verification services confirm the Employee’s claimed education, training and certification outside Nigeria.

Most times applicants do not expect employers or prospective employers to verify educational claims from foreign institutions and so there are a greater number of false and exaggerated foreign educational claims even more than the already high number of false educational claims for Home institutions.

Our verification services is a valuable honesty check that helps protect the employer from hiring unqualified persons for a job in an organization.

Contacting international schools is often complicated even further because of difficulty in locating the school, inadequate communication system or language barriers. Degree requirement may also differ internationally making it difficult to determine the level of an international degree, also time differences in different countries.

Our services puts the organization off the stress and resources  going straight to these foreign schools for degree verification as we contact these foreign institutions that issued the certification wherever possible through the school’s admissions and records officers  wherever possible.