About Study-Local

Often times students trying to gain admission into the higher institution require some form of guidance and directions. At Study Local we offer free consultation services.

Study-Local is an online platform for courses or programs offered by accredited institutions. Study-Local Nigeria is focused on encouraging students in Nigeria to study in Nigeria and also encourages foreign students or Nigerian students outside Nigeria to study in Nigeria via online technology.

The organization achieves this by creating a database of all accredited Universities (Federal, State and Private), Polytechnics and Colleges within the country and the courses they offer. The mission to institutions are to help local schools with campus based degree courses, recruit foreign and local students who desire to study in Nigeria and also help international schools with online based degree for students within Nigeria who desire to study in schools abroad, but want to learn from Nigeria.

The major services rendered by Study-Local Nigeria are:

  • ·        We offer online consultation. This service is free.
  • ·        Students get to search for institutions of their choice and the courses offered, by giving insights on the school’s prospectus, institutions, credentials, ranking, course durations, study path, study pace, choice of state, time-zones and location of the institution’s campus via our website (www.studylocal.ng). This aspect of the service is of maximum advantage to the students, whereby we help students achieve what they want and we give them varieties of options of institutions, by enlightening them on the schools with the courses intended and completely detailed information for the best guidance of the student.
  • ·        We assist students search for the right course, apply to the schools on their behalf and sometimes, secure admission into a school in Nigeria and online international schools.

Other services we offer to students are; course search service, admission support service, document retrieval service (transcript, certificate, letter of reference, letter of recommendation) course outline and information services.

Our services for institutions are in the area of partnership with various institutions to bring potential students that wish to be a part of the institution. The main function of this service is to help with the following:

  • ·        Course Management service
  • ·        Student recruitment services for Post-graduate schools within the country (Nigeria)
  • ·        Course promotion service
  • ·        Student recruitment service for foreign online schools

At Study-Local we make student’s application a smooth and easy process. You stand to benefit from our services by working with us. Book us for a free consultation session today. Simply log onto to our website (www.studylocal.ng) and chat with our consultants.