A lot of studies and surveys centered around e-learning have revealed that, people actually learn more using computer based instructions, than the traditional classroom learning method. The learning most suited to e-learning conversion includes information and knowledge and processes and procedures.  Courses in e-learning are flexible and versatile that enable individual learners to tailor their training to fit with their specific circumstances. When e-learning is combined with instructor led training, it brings additional dimensions and enhances the overall learning process.

According Derek (2003), e-learning can be defined as the delivery of a learning training or education program by an electronic means. It involves the use of a computer or electronic device in some way to provide training. The computer can also be an educational or learning material.

The e-learning industry is one that is rapidly growing, the effects which can be traced back to the 1980s in the form of distance learning and televised courses. In a fast paced world of e-learning, the available technologies to make a course new and exciting are always changing and course content can and should be updated quickly to give students the very latest information. This is one of the reasons why many businesses are now offering training via e-learning.

E-learning is effective in so many way, some of its benefits which may include:

·        Lower cost: E-learning is more cost effective due to the fact that there is a reduction in training time. This is because of the single largest cost of training in organizations is the cost of staff attending the training class, instead of a direct delivery cost in terms of trainers, cost of materials, travel and accommodation.

·        Self-Disciplined: The online student takes responsibility for their course of study. He/she learns to develop the techniques of self-discipline, self-motivation and time management.

·        Learning from your own point of comfort: This is by far one of the greatest advantages of e-learning because it allows you to study from anywhere, even at home.

·        Flexibility: E-leaning gives room for people with extremely busy schedules to study at their own time. This is great for those with full time jobs or those who have children.

·        Focused Learning: This allows you to focus more on subject matters which you may not feel very confident about in a class environment which sometimes makes one feel very uneasy, especially if you are struggling with understanding a particular difficult topic.

·        Working in Remote Location: Training can become a logistical nightmare if you are working away for long periods of time in remote locations such as oil rigs etc. E-learning is the best solution for individuals in this circumstances and can become a highly effective communication tool.

The benefits of e-learning are more and more, a few others can be companies that are looking to incorporate a new program or train staff in a certain field may incorporate e-learning to save cost, time and energy while increasing productivity. At Study-Local we provide you with guidance and a list of schools for distance learning in and outside Nigeria to choose from to guide your course of study. Visit our page to be guided.