Lagos, Nigeria
Qualification: Professional Diploma in Advertising (PD)
Degree Type: Professional Certification
Study Pace: Self Paced
Duration: Within 2 Years
Study Type: Self Study
Study Path: General
Faculty: Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria
Department: APCON
Course Ref:18052
Course Name:APCON Professional Certificate in Advertising
Category:Journalism & Media
Sub Category:Advertising
Qualification Type:Local Qualification
Degree Type: Professional Certification
Degree:Professional Diploma in Advertising
Degree Alias:PD
Name of Institution:Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria
School:Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria
Faculty:Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria
Study Duration:Within 2 Years
Study Pace:Self Paced
Study Type: Self Study
Study Path:General

Method of Application

  • Application for registration as a student must be made on the prescribed form which can be obtained at the premises of the organization. The form requires an undertaking on the part of the applicant to abide by the rules laid down by the Council from time to time.
  • Every applicant will be required to produce satisfactory evidence of age, name, character and eligibility together with certified photocopies of educational certificates and four certified passport size photographs.



Where the professional certification programme requires the transcripts from the candidate’s previous institutions/ universities, the transcripts can be ordered from any school in Nigeria and sent to the certifying institution via the Electronic Transcript Exchange of Nigeria (ETX-NG) -




Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria Certification Programme(s) Entry Requirement(s):

Professional Diploma

  •  Candidates must possess a Bachelor's Degree/Higher National Diploma from an accredited institution
04-Apr-2019 - *Can certification be granted within a year? *Can I get list of approved training centers in Lagos state? Thank you
Hello Remilekun, The course duration is within 2 years because it is at a self study pace. Here is the address, phone number of the Lagos office, contact them to get the list of the available training centers: APCON House, National Theatre Annex, Iganmu, Lagos. P.O. Box 50638, Ikoyi, Lagos. Tel: 0803 956 2705. Email: Thanks
on 04-Apr-2019
14-Apr-2019 - How do I start
Hello Akinsete, Please follow this link to start your application now: Thanks
on 15-Apr-2019
23-Apr-2019 - I need more info
Hello Benedict, Please follow this link to get more information: Thanks
on 24-Apr-2019
25-Apr-2019 - Is Lagos the only Center you have in Nigeria?
Hello Olowoyeye, Here is a list of states that have centers around Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Ibadan, Ilorin, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Minna, Onitsha, Owerri, and Port Harcourt. Thanks
on 26-Apr-2019
29-Apr-2019 - Don't we have lecturers that teach sometimes, because i can see self study
Hello Eniola, Yes, find a study center close to you and you can attend the lectures. Here is a link showing all the offices call the one close to you and ask of the study centers: Thanks
on 29-Apr-2019
29-Apr-2019 - What are the fees?
Hello Ugwuleke, Please use this link to check for an office close to you, to call them and confirm the cost: Thanks
on 30-Apr-2019
29-Apr-2019 - Can I do this in 1year?
Hello Akinyede, Please use this link to get an office number close to you, and confirm your inquiry: Thanks
on 30-Apr-2019
03-May-2019 - What does it cost?
Hello Ireoluwa, Please follow this link:, get a number of a center close to you and call them. Thanks
on 03-May-2019
14-May-2019 - Hello Am currently working and I wish to boost my career with this certification. Can this be done online? if No; please what do you advise?
Hello Edwin, There is a provision for online study, but call the Head Office on this number: Tel: 0803 956 2705 Thanks
on 15-May-2019
15-May-2019 - When is the probable start date?
Hello Dami, Please use this link to apply online and view the criteria: Thanks
on 15-May-2019
17-May-2019 - None
Hello Adewumi, Please click on this link to get more information: Thanks
on 17-May-2019
22-May-2019 - Is School Certificate accepted
Hello Prophecy, Please contact the institute on this number to confirm: 0803 956 2705 Thanks
on 23-May-2019
06-Jun-2019 - Is there a study centre in Nigeria?
Hello Anthony, Click on this link to view your request: Thanks
on 06-Jun-2019
06-Jun-2019 - No
Hello Adenike, Please click on this link to get further information: Thanks
on 07-Jun-2019
Hello Valerie, Please click on this link: Thanks
on 11-Jun-2019
11-Jun-2019 - How much will i pay for the training and i want to do part time, Saturday and Sunday
Hello Shadiat, Please click on this link to get the full details: Thanks
on 11-Jun-2019
13-Jun-2019 - Available courses
Hello Ifeoma, Please click on this link for further information: Thanks
on 13-Jun-2019
13-Jun-2019 - I will love to take a course. Where is the office located
Hello Tola, Please click on this link to view all the zonal offices nationwide and pick the state that relates or close to you: Thanks
on 13-Jun-2019
23-Jun-2019 - Need to know what it is entails to start from the start.
Hello Temitope, Please click on this link: Thanks
on 24-Jun-2019
23-Jun-2019 - Enquiries
Hello Kate, Please click on this link: Thanks
on 24-Jun-2019

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