Local Student Recruitment, Made Easy

We help tertiary institutions recruit local students

At studylocal, we match institutions to students who want to study locally rather than abroad. Our mission to institutions are in two folds:

  1. To help local schools with campus based degree courses recruit local and international students who want to study in Nigeria; and
  2. To help international schools with online based degree courses recruit local students who want to study from Nigeria

Our Services to Institutions

Course Promotion

We offer a wide range of targeted promotional opportunities, all designed to enhance your course listings and help you to recruit great students in Nigeria.

Admission Leads Generation

Our portal has been designed to optimize leads generated from student enquiries. We would normally work with you to control and ensure that only verified leads are forwarded directly to your admissions and support offices.

Postgraduate Student Recruitment Services

We help recruit students for postgraduate schools in Nigeria. Our aim is to increase high quality applications and to improve applicant to student conversion rates.



Private School Student Recruitment

Considering our understanding of this environment, this service focuses on student recruitment services for non-government (private and religious) undergraduate schools in Nigeria.

Course Listing Management

We provide institutions access to can log in and ensure their course listings are visible to prospective applicants, using our simple to use self service management system

Online School Student Recruitment

We are the leading student recruitment service in Nigeria specifically focused on helping international schools recruit local students for their online degree courses.

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From generating awareness about your programs, growing applications from students in Nigeria, and ensuring the right mix of students in your school; our team is here for you


Why Work With Us?

Local Reach

Extend your potential reach to every corner of Nigeria, inspiring ambitious students to apply and enroll no matter where they’re from. Strengthen the diversity and high educational value that are already part of your institution

Make it Work for You

Through an exchange of expertise, combined with a broad range of services and a strong supply of analytical data, we can deliver a campaign that fits your recruitment and marketing vision

Best Fit

Studylocal matches you with the students you’re most eager to recruit – the highly motivated, purpose-driven cultural explorers. The best-matched students are sure to thrive and succeed at your institution

Your Success, Our Success

Studylocal aligns its goals with the goals of university clients, through honest, transparent partnerships. Our personal touch lets you know that there is someone on the other end eager to help make your institution shine

Focus on Nigeria

Our local view to education allows you to recruit local students into your local degree as well as recruit local students into your online degrees that can be achieved locally

Pay for Outcomes

Our results-based model is built so that you pay only when you see verifiable, measurable outcomes and reach maximum recruitment capacity.

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